A proven record of results for Alaskans

As a lifelong, third-generation Alaskan, Lisa Murkowski cares deeply about our land and our people. She has leveraged her seniority in Congress and worked across party lines to boost responsible resource development that creates jobs, to build roads and infrastructure that connect Alaskans, to sustain our world-class fisheries, to enhance our food security, to help ensure veterans receive the benefits they deserve, to honor our elders, to protect our children, and to safeguard our communities.

Lisa Murkowski has a proven record of delivering for Alaska by:

  • Being voted the #1 most effective Senator on energy and Native American issues, and among the top 5 most effective Senators overall, according to the nonpartisan Center for Effective Lawmaking.[Source]
  • Writing and negotiating passage of the bipartisan infrastructure law, which has already brought $2 billion dollars of federal investment into the state. [Source]
  • Leading in opening ANWR for responsible development, writing and negotiating passage of the Energy Act of 2020, authorizing land allotments for Alaska Native Vietnam War-era veterans, ensuring small Alaska businesses can access the Chugach National Forest for recreation, and more. [Source]
  • Working to ensure veterans get the benefits they deserve. Alaska’s Veterans Benefits Administration, which handles disability claims, was one of the country’s worst. Under Lisa’s leadership, it’s now one of the top five. [Source]
  • Forging relationships, built on respect, with members on both sides of the aisle, which allows for negotiations in good faith to create enduring policies. [Source]
  • Securing critical funding for fisheries assistance and combating ocean plastics and debris–to ensure Alaska’s fishermen and coastal communities remain a cornerstone of Alaskan life. [Source]
  • Holding the government accountable for policies that will harm Alaska. [Source]
  • Leading as an Arctic policy maker by securing investments in the region’s security, research, and infrastructure. [Source]

As Alaska’s senior Senator, Lisa Murkowski has seen firsthand the state’s infrastructure deficiencies. Lisa authored and negotiated passage of the historic bipartisan infrastructure bill, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. In just eight months, the infrastructure law has brought over $2 billion of investment into the state.

Lisa secured benefits for Alaskans in the bipartisan infrastructure law by:

  • Ensuring Alaska was taken into account in provisions related to broadband, ports, harbors, roads, rails, bridges, and water.
  • Ensuring federal highway funds can support operations and repair for our Alaska Marine Highway System by including $300 million to save our ferries.
  • Securing unprecedented funding to deliver water and sewer services to unserved communities.
  • Ensuring access to broadband will be more affordable and accessible statewide.
  • Ensuring the Coast Guard in Alaska benefits considerably from shoreside infrastructure upgrades to improve access to housing and child care.
  • Ensuring significant funds for Alaska’s airports–both rural and urban.
  • Ensuring federal dollars to modernize Alaska’s roads and bridges.
  • Creating the furthest-north deep water port in Nome while also securing funds for urban and remote harbors and ports across the state.
  • Strengthening climate resilience in communities under the threat of a changing climate.
  • Creating good-paying jobs to build a stronger economy in Alaska.

Lisa has more mayors, business owners, and Alaskan leaders endorsing her campaign than any other candidate in this race–because they know Alaska needs her seniority in Congress to deliver real results.

Recently named the single most effective Senator on energy, mineral, and climate issues, Lisa Murkowski is the only candidate in this race with a proven record of boosting Alaska’s energy potential and working to secure American energy dominance.

As Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Lisa

  • Lifted the export ban on U.S. crude oil.
  • Finished the 40-year fight to open the non-wilderness 1002 Area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).
  • Worked to fill the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System by fighting to open the National Petroleum Reserve of Alaska (NPR-A).
  • Helped secure permits for CD-5, GMT-1, GMT-2 and continues to push for final approval of the Willow project.
  • Advancing the largest conservation measure to fund deferred maintenance and the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
  • Led the first modernization of U.S. energy laws in over a decade, the Energy Act of 2020, to promote innovation, efficiency, and clean energy deployment. The bipartisan energy law will help develop emerging technologies like energy storage; advanced nuclear; carbon capture, utilization, and storage; carbon removal; renewable energy; critical minerals and materials; and grid modernization.
  • Provided land allotments for Alaska Native Vietnam War-era veterans, increased access to federal lands for sportsmen, improved volcano monitoring, and restored claims for small Alaska miners.

As the most senior Republican member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Lisa

  • Wrote and negotiated the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will invest more than $70 billion into energy and climate-related priorities.
  • Repeatedly extended funding for schools and roads in Alaska’s rural communities
  • Tirelessly works to push for more domestic production and support an “all-of-the-above”
    energy approach to support good-paying jobs, lower Alaska’s energy costs, and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign resources–especially amidst record-high gas prices and Russia’s actions.

“As long as the world needs oil, gas, coal, timber, and other resources, Alaska should be able to responsibly produce them. We were promised that right at statehood; it remains key to our economic future; and we have a proven record and labor, safety, and environmental standards higher than anywhere else in the world. Alaska should lead the country in all forms of energy, including renewables and microgrids.” -Senator Lisa Murkowski

Lisa Murkowski has a proven record of ensuring Alaska’s veterans get the benefits they deserve, and continues to champion the veteran community by:

  • Improving Alaska’s Veterans Benefits Administration. It was one of the nation’s worst but under Lisa’s leadership, it’s now one of the top five.
  • Ensured land allotments for Alaska Native Vietnam War-era veterans–and ensuring our veterans can access the land they are owed by the federal government.
  • Working to improve the VA to provide our veterans with better health care.
  • Securing incentive pay for service in Alaska as well as new and improved housing, childcare, morale, welfare, and recreation facilities.
  • Providing assistance to pregnant veterans and improving their maternal health during and after birth.
  • Helping veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pit substances by pushing for legislation that recognizes those injured veterans.
  • Empowering service members who survived sexual assault.
  • Advancing military priorities through her senior roles on the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Subcommittees by securing significant funds for programs like mental health care, telehealth services, and veteran homeless prevention.

As a third-generation Alaskan, Lisa Murkowski knows tourism is critical to many communities and businesses. From our coastal and port towns to communities on the road system, our state benefits from Lisa’s efforts to ensure the tourism industry survived during the pandemic. Thanks to Lisa’s leadership, the future of Alaska’s tourism industry is brighter than ever.

Lisa is strengthening Alaska’s tourism industry by:

  • Ensuring cruise ships can easily access coastal Alaskan communities, cutting through the unnecessary red tape enacted by the CDC during and after the pandemic.
  • Securing significant funding to repair the Denali Park Road, ensuring visitors are safe and able to visit the park.
  • Supporting small businesses in both rural and urban Alaska communities by securing funding in COVID relief packages and creating programs to support business owners.

As Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Lisa was voted the most effective Senator on “Native American issues.” She has worked with Tribes and corporations to secure much-needed financial support and assistance–from infrastructure, public safety efforts, language preservation, COVID relief, and more.

Lisa is supporting First Alaskans and rural Alaskans by:

  • Ensuring Alaska was taken into account in provisions related to broadband, ports, harbors, roads, rails, bridges, and water in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
  • Appropriating unprecedented funding to deliver water and sewer services to unserved communities.
  • Ensuring access to broadband will be more affordable and accessible statewide.
  • Securing $8 billion in funding for Alaska Native corporations and tribes to respond to the pandemic.
  • Crossing party lines to pass the Violence Against Women Act, support victims of violence, and strengthen public safety efforts in rural communities.
  • Supporting economic, educational, and professional development opportunities
  • Leading on the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Fix to ensure victims of crime can access the services they need in Alaska.
  • Protecting indigenous languages and cultures through legislation that will prioritize the survival of Native languages through educational programs.
  • Securing federal funds for the Alaska Native Justice Center to provide training and technical assistance to address public safety, justice, and child welfare.
  • Working closely with Native justice advocates to draft and pass into law the Alaska Tribal Public Safety Empowerment pilot, which was included in the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Co-leading legislation to establish a formal truth and healing commission to further investigate, document and address impacts of Indian boarding schools.
  • Ensuring the first funding increase in over 20 years for the Indian Housing Block Grant.
  • Co-leading a successful amendment to the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee’s Preventing Future Pandemics Package, ensuring a 5-percent tribal set-aside for a new grant program to address social determinants of health.

Lisa Murkowski recognizes the essential role Alaska plays in international relations and national defense. Lisa also recognizes the important role of service members to Alaska’s communities and families. She’s dedicated to both enhancing Alaska’s defense efforts and capabilities while promoting the livelihoods and wellbeing of those who serve.

Lisa is boosting Alaska’s national defense efforts by:

  • Leading Arctic relations, and enhancing the region’s critical need for security, infrastructure, culture, and education.
  • Launching the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies, allowing for the Department of Defense to advance the interests of the region.
  • Securing funding for a second Polar Security Cutter to boost U.S. presence in the Arctic.
  • Boosting access to child care and housing for Alaska’s service members.
  • Promoting and enhancing essential mental health services and opportunities for Alaska’s service members.
  • Ensuring Alaska is home to multiple squadrons of F-22s and F-35s, the military’s most advanced fighter jets, providing for national defense while bringing jobs and economic opportunities to Alaska.
  • Alleviating hardships Alaskan service members face through the introduction of the Don Young Arctic Warrior Act.
  • Securing much-deserved pay and raises, expanding housing, child care and recreational opportunities for Alaska-based service members.

Lisa Murkowski knows that fisheries are the cornerstone of many Alaska communities, and support the livelihoods and jobs of thousands of Alaskans. Having grown up in Southeast, Lisa knows firsthand the importance of strong fisheries, and the work it takes to protect and sustainably utilize the pristine waters that feed people around the world.

Lisa is delivering for Alaska’s fisheries and coastal communities by:

  • Securing funding to keep our oceans and seafood wild and healthy by fighting vigorously against genetically engineered salmon.
  • Providing $300 million in pandemic relief funds so Alaska fisheries could survive and commercial fish crews so they were paid during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ensuring fish and tourism businesses could get immigration visas to hire needed seasonal workers.
  • Strengthening Alaska’s Blue Economy and the growing mariculture economy by establishing “Ocean Clusters.”
  • Fighting against illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing that harms Alaska’s fishermen.
  • Conserving Alaska’s fisheries, waterways, and coasts while outside interests attempt to harm Alaska’s natural resources.
  • Creating solutions to address the microplastics and pollution that appear in Alaska’s waters and coasts

Lisa is dedicated to improving the health of all Alaskans–whether it’s increasing access to basic health services, improving existing medical practices, addressing the mental health crisis among young Alaskans, or creating programs to feed Alaskans facing hunger. Lisa Murkowski serves on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, where she ensures that Alaskans’ unique health care and access issues are addressed in policies. Lisa Murkowski works hard every day to promote mental and physical health access and is leading the effort to improve our state’s overall health for Alaskans of all ages.

Lisa is improving the health of Alaskans by:

  • Working to end surprise medical billing for Alaskans, including for air ambulance trips.
  • Securing $800 million to address youth homelessness in Alaska and nationwide.
  • Ensuring support for rural Alaska hospitals by extending funding for the Rural Community Hospital Program.
  • Establishing the Micro-Grants for Food Security Program to address hunger in Alaska and increase food security and production in Alaska.
  • Working to finalize a land exchange agreement to provide a life-saving road and emergency access to medical care for the isolated community of King Cove.
  • Leading youth mental health and suicide prevention efforts to address the mental health crisis among young people in Alaska.
  • Addressing the drug-abuse and fentanyl crisis in Alaska through legislation that will tackle the problem through education and prevention efforts.

Lisa Murkowski is dedicated to ending the public safety crisis that impacts far too many communities in Alaska. From leading on bipartisan legislation to coordinating efforts to stop perpetrators of violence, Lisa is working to build a safer Alaska–to respect women, care for our elders, and protect our children.

Lisa is reducing crime and empowering survivors by:

  • Prioritizing public safety and justice by leading the reauthorization and modernization of the landmark Violence Against Women Act to reduce violent crime against women.
  • Leading on the Not Invisible Act and Savanna’s Act – two laws that advance the solving of cold cases — while using her seniority to secure millions of dollars in federal appropriations to help address the issue of Missing, Murdered, and Trafficked Indigenous Persons.
  • Crossing party lines to pass the Violence Against Women Act, support victims of violence, and strengthen public safety efforts in rural communities.
  • Working to ensure each FBI field office has a Human Trafficking Program Coordinator.