Alaska Native Entities Across the State Endorse Murkowski

ANCHORAGE, AK –  Lisa Murkowski’s (R-Alaska) re-election has been endorsed by Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) and Alaska Native Village Corporations from across the state, and the Alaska Federation of Natives. Each CEO, Board Member, and President noted Murkowski’s dedication to supporting rural communities and first Alaskans. 

“Senator Murkowski has been a strong and reliable ally for Alaskans, and her leadership has been indispensable in our ongoing fight to fulfill the federal government’s promises to Alaska Native people,” said ANCSA Regional Association President, Kim Reitmeier. “Her unparalleled experience and relationships were critical to passing the infrastructure and energy bills that are bringing unprecedented levels of federal funds to Alaska, including crucial rural broadband and sanitation funding. At a time when Alaska is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and a recession, we need Senator Murkowski’s leadership and legislative skill more than ever.”

“Senator Murkowski has long championed issues vital to ANVCA’s mission to protect Native lands and promote the success of our Village Corporations,” said Alaska Native Village Corporation Association (ANVCA) Board Chair, Nathan McCowan. “From the herculean efforts to write, negotiate, and pass the bipartisan infrastructure law to ensuring Alaskans were protected during the pandemic with the CARES Act, Senator Murkowski has leveraged her seniority to secure big wins for our people.”

“Senator Murkowski has proven tireless in the fight for the Alaska Native Community and is the right choice to create opportunity for our people and our shareholders,” said Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC) President and CEO Rex A. Rock Sr. “We appreciate our senior senator’s leadership on issues important to our state and our region.”

“Senator Murkowski has been a constant advocate for the North Slope and an unstoppable force for strengthening Alaska’s economy,” said ASRC Board Chairman Crawford Patkotak. “Through hard work and her dedication to Alaska, Senator Murkowski has proven her commitment to our people and our Communities. ASRC supports Senator Murkowski for reelection on November 8 and looks forward to another six years with her as a true partner in Washington, DC.”

“Lisa Murkowski has a track record of supporting Alaskans and Alaska Native people through common sense solutions and hard work,” said CIRI’s president and CEO Sophie Minich. “Her ability to collaborate with Senate colleagues and work across party lines to move legislation important to Alaska, is in the best interest of all Alaskans. We are proud to stand by Senator Murkowski.” 

Calista Corporation President and CEO Andrew Guy cited Senator Murkowski’s “strong record of listening and working to solve problems unique to the Calista Region,” and described Lisa as an “effective leader” respected by “colleagues on both sides of the aisle.”

“This election is too important to sit on the sidelines while issues like the salmon disaster, public safety, and infrastructure for our people remain unresolved,” said Calista’s PAEC Chair Robert Beans. “We know from experience U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski… understand(s) our issues and work(s) to address our concerns in Washington.”

“Senator Lisa Murkowski has a proven history of standing up for Alaska and working to diversify our economy. Her understanding of our region is clear, as well as her support for local jobs and protecting our world-class salmon run. We agree with her that resource development in Alaska is imperative, but we share the critical view that Pebble mine is the wrong mine in the wrong place,” said Bristol Bay Native Corporation President and CEO Jason Metrokin.

“Sen. Murkowski has worked hard to represent all Alaskans, working diligently on issues important to our state – responsible natural resource development, protecting our subsistence lifestyle and growing a stronger military presence in Alaska,” said Bering Straits Native Corporation President and CEO Gail R. Schubert. “She is a fierce advocate for the Arctic region and the people who live there.” 

“Senator Murkowski believes that Alaska’s greatest resource is its people. She has been an important ally for Alaska Native people, and more broadly for all of Alaska,” said Chugach Chairman Sheri Buretta. “She often works across the aisle on bipartisan efforts in order to bring about policy changes that are in the best interest of Alaska.”

“Lisa Murkowski is a true advocate for Alaska Native people and has a strong and trusted record of working with our communities to craft and pass impactful policies for all Alaskans,” said Koniag President Shauna Hegna. “Lisa listens to us and our Shareholders.”

“Sealaska is guided by Indigenous values first and foremost: responsible development, environmental sustainability and an outlook that extends many generations into the future,” said Sealaska board chair Joe Nelson. “We are at a pivotal moment on a variety of fronts. We need leadership – locally and in Washington – that reflects our values and understands our needs.” 

“Senator Murkowski gets criticism from the far left, and from the far right, because she is so effective as a moderate. Her ability to strike a workable compromise, with both sides of the aisle is what we need in our politicians, and the ability to work with a variety of stakeholders on any particular issue, is why I am so proud that Old Harbor Native Corporation have endorsed the Senator for reelection,” said Old Harbor Native Corporation CEO Carl Marrs. “The recently enacted Infrastructure bill, which will provide real benefits to Alaska as a whole, and to much needed rural Alaska, is but one strong example of her ability to get things done. That infrastructure bill was supported by the late Rep. Don Young and by Senator Sullivan who along with Senator Murkowski, had the courage to bring home basic infrastructure funding that has been so desperately needed in our State. With  her growing seniority on major committees in the Senate, Senator Murkowski has been and will continue to do great things for Alaska and the Nation when she’s reelected.”

“Senator Murkowski has become one of the most respected members of the United States Congress on matters pertaining American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiian people. She has a proven record of effectiveness, working across party lines, and collaborating to find common ground and common-sense solutions that prioritize Alaska,” said Tlingit & Haida President Richard Chalyee Éesh Peterson. “As vice chair of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, a senior member and former chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, she has leveraged her seniority to champion policies that support economic growth, protect families, and keep communities safe. Her commitment to Alaska Natives and rural communities has been proven through her continued efforts and is why Tlingit & Haida’s Executive Council has made the decision to support her.”

The Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand Camp declared in a resolution that, “ANB and ANS have determined that Lisa Murkowski is qualified and is of the quality and character to best represent all Alaskans throughout the State and is the best candidate to represent rural and urban Alaska.”

The Alaska Federation of Natives declared in the 2022 Annual Convention resolution that “The delegates of the 2022 Annual Convention of the Alaska Federation of Natives hereby express our appreciation to U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski for her decision to run in the 2022 general election for the United States Senate; and… the delegates of the 2022 Annual Convention of the Alaska Federation of Natives hereby endorse Lisa Murkowski as a candidate for the office of the United States Senate.”