Broad Coalition of Republicans, Independents and Democrats Endorse Lisa Murkowski’s Re-Election

ANCHORAGE, AK – Today, a broad coalition of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents from across Alaska announced their endorsement of Lisa Murkowski’s (R-Alaska) re-election to the U.S. Senate. The legislators, mayors, and individuals noted Murkowski’s ability to cross party lines and work with everyone to secure significant wins for Alaska. 

“I support Lisa because she supports us. Her advocacy for fisheries and the marine highway system has been exemplary, and her ability to work across the aisle is exactly what Alaska needs. Let’s keep Sen. Murkowski in Washington!” said Speaker of the House Louise Stutes, Republican, Kodiak.

“Lisa has always been a champion for our rural communities, and she has backed her words with valuable results time and time again. Without her support in Washington DC I fear that rural Alaska will be pushed off to the back burner. I am proud to support Lisa Murkowski,” said State Representative Neal Foster, Democrat, Nome.

“Lisa always delivers big wins for Alaska. Look no further than the federal infrastructure package, which will be huge for our state. Somewhere high above, Uncle Ted has to be smiling. I know I am. Thank you, Lisa!” saidState Representative and former Speaker of the House Bryce Edgmon, Nonpartisan, Dillingham.

Republican, Democrat, and Nonpartisan Coalition for Lisa Murkowski: 

  • Former Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell, Anchorage; Republican
  • Speaker Louise Stutes, Kodiak; Republican
  • State Senator Natasha von Imhof, Anchorage; Republican
  • State Senator Donny Olson, Golovin; Democrat
  • State Representative and Former Speaker Bryce Edgmon, Dillingham; Nonpartisan
  • State Representative Adam Wool, Fairbanks; Democrat
  • State Representative Dan Ortiz, Ketchikan; Nonpartisan
  • State Representative Calvin Schrage, Anchorage; Nonpartisan
  • State Senator Gary Stevens, Kodiak; Republican
  • State Representative Zack Fields, Anchorage; Democrat
  • State Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Sitka; Democrat
  • State Representative Neal Foster, Nome; Democrat
  • Reggie Joule, Kotzebue; Former State Representative; Democrat
  • Lesil McGuire, Anchorage; Former State Representative and Senator; Republican
  • John Lincoln, Kotzebue; Former State Representative; Nonpartisan
  • Bill Thomas, Haines; Former State Representative; Republican
  • Charisse Millett, Anchorage; Former State Representative; Republican
  • Alan Austerman, Kodiak; Former State Representative; Republican
  • Conley Bunde, Anchorage; Former State Representative; Republican
  • Bob Herron, Bethel; Former State Representative; Democrat
  • Beth Kerttula, Juneau; Former State Representative; Democrat
  • Jay Ramras, Fairbanks; Former State Representative; Republican