Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate Releases Part 1 of the Alaska Natives for Lisa Coalition

This is the 1st release of the Alaska Natives for Lisa Murkowski Coalition
ANCHORAGE, AK – Today, and over the next few days, the campaign will be highlighting the numerous Alaska Native leaders from all over the state who have come together to endorse Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate and highlight her work on delivering for rural Alaska.

From her leadership in getting the bipartisan Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) signed into law, addressing the crisis of missing, murdered, and trafficked Indigenous people, to fixing the Victims of Crime Act to ensure victims of crime can access the services they need in Alaska–Lisa’s efforts are enhancing public safety in rural Alaska. 

The Alaska Native leaders highlighted Lisa’s understanding of rural community needs, and her ability to work with Alaska Native leaders and communities to deliver solutions. Thanks to Lisa’s seniority, she was able to secure federal funds for the Alaska Native Justice Center, and include the Tribal Public Safety Empowerment pilot within VAWA.

Lisa Murkowski has received endorsements from dozens of Alaska Native leaders from throughout the state, and below is the first release of this coalition. Over the next few days the campaign plans to release the entirety of the Alaska Native Leaders who support and endorse Lisa Murkowski’s re-election campaign. 

Alaska Native Leaders Who Endorsed Lisa Murkowski Include:
Aaron Tickett of Shungnak, Iñupiaq        
Agnes Denny of Chistochina, Ahtna    
Alice Adams of Noatak, Iñupiaq        
Ana Hoffman of Bethel, Yup’ik    
Betty Huntington of Galena, Athabascan    
Beverly Woods of St. Paul, Unangax        
Cheryl DeHart Robb of Manley Hot Springs, Athabascan        
Crystal Duncan of Sitka/Angoon, Tlingit    
Crystal Johnson of Kiana, Iñupiaq        
Debbie Atuk of Bering Straits Region, Iñupiaq    
Debi Schmidt of King Cove, Aleut        
Deborah Vo of Saint Mary’s, Yup’ik        
Denise Michaels of Nome, Iñupiaq        
Eben Hopson of Utqiagvik, Iñupiaq        
Elia Nay of Kobuk, Iñupiaq        
Elizabeth Niiqsik Ferguson of Kotzebue, Iñupiaq
Ely Cyrus of Kiana, Iñupiaq        
Emily Edenshaw of Emmonak, Yup’ik    
Faith Itta of Palmer, Iñupiaq        
Fred John of Mentasta Lake, Ahtna
Gail Schubert of Unalakleet, Iñupiaq        
Gia Hanna of Kotzebue, Iñupiaq        
Greta Schuerch of Kiana, Iñupiaq
Harry Brower, Jr of Utqiagvik, Iñupiaq    
Jennifer Fate Velaise of Fairbanks, Athabascan    
Joe Nelson of Yakutat, Tlingit        
Jon Panamaroff of Kenai, Alutiiq        
Joy Huntington of Manley Hot Springs, Athabascan    
Kathy Mayo of Fairbanks, Athabascan
Penny Gage of Sitka, Tlingit        
Percy Frisby of Hydaburg, Haida        
Richard Peterson of Kasaan, Tlingit        
Rob Sanderson, Jr. of Hydaburg, Haida    
Sarah Lukin of Port Lions, Alutiiq        
Tami Truett Jerue of Anvik/Fairbanks, Athabascan    
Teisha Simmons of Galena/Fairbanks, Athabascan        
Victor Joseph of Tanana/Fairbanks, Athabascan
Virgil John of Tetlin, Athabascan