Lisa Murkowski for US Senate Releases Part 3 of the Alaska Natives for Lisa Coalition

Leaders cite Lisa’s effectiveness in enhancing public safety, health care, and food security  
ANCHORAGE, AK – Alaska Native leaders from across the state continue to expand their support of Lisa Murkowski’s re-election. To date, Lisa has been publicly endorsed by more than 140 members of the Alaska Native community. 

From her work on the bipartisan infrastructure law, to championing the Violence Against Women Act and the Victims of Crime Act, and delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in investments for Alaskan projects through congressionally directed spending, Lisa has leveraged her seniority to deliver for Alaskans throughout the state.

The campaign announced two previous rounds of the Alaska Natives for Lisa coalition, who applauded her work in enhancing public safety and investing in infrastructure

The Third Round of Alaska Native Leaders Endorsing Lisa Murkowski Include:
Abel Hopson-Suvlu of Utqiagvik, Iñupiaq
Andrea Gusty of Aniak, Yup’ik & Deg Hit’an
Andrew Guy, Yup’ik of Napaskiak
Angela Totemoff of Tatitlek, Alutiiq
Anthony Mallott of Yakutat, Tlingit/Athabascan
Barbara Wáahlaal Gidáak Blake of Prince of Wales Island, Haida/Tlingit/Athabascan
Beverly Woods of St. Paul, Unangax̂
Charles (Chas) Edwardson of Ketchikan & Klawock, Haida 
Crystal Dushkin of Atka, Unangax̂
David Russell-Jensen of Juneau, Tsimshian/Tlingit/Iñupiaq
David Walker of Holy Cross, Athabascan 
Deborah Orth of Nome, Iñupiaq
Debra Call of Knik/Palmer, Dena’ina 
Denise Rankin of Unalaska           
Diana Riedel of Cordova   
Doug Tansy of Cantwell, Tlingit/Athabascan 
Douglas Wrenn of Soldotna          
Geri Simon of Allakaket/Fairbanks, Athabascan 
Hallie Bissett of Anchorage, Athabascan 
Howard Darling of Nulato, Athabascan 
Jaeleen Kookesh of Angoon, Tlingit/Athabascan
Jerry Isaac of Tanacross, Athabascan 
Josie Hickel of Seward, Alutiiq     
Kaleb Keller of Eagle River
Kim Reitmeier of Kodiak, Sugpiaq
Kristina Woolston of Anchorage, Athabascan   
Linda Ilutsik of Dillingham, Yup’ik
Linda Pete of Gakona, Athabascan
Liza Mack of King Cove, Aleut 
Lorena Skonberg of Ouzinkie/Kodiak, Alutiiq
Lori Bishop of Fairbanks, Athabascan 
Marilynn Woods of Manley Hot Springs, Athabascan 
Mayor Frannie Suvlu of Utqiagvik, Iñupiaq 
Melissa Kookesh of Angoon, Tlingit/Athabascan
Michael Sam of Tetlin, Athabascan 
Miriam Aarons of Unalakleet, Iñupiaq
Nelson Angapak, Sr.  of Tuntutuliak, Yup’ik
Penny Schaeffer of Kotzebue, Iñupiaq
Percy Ballott of Buckland, Iñupiaq
Reggie Joule of Kotzebue, Iñupiaq
Rep. Bryce Edgmon of Dillingham, Yup’ik
Rep. Neal Foster of Nome, Iñupiaq
Rinnah Andrew of Anchorage, Yup’ik
Sam Schimmel of Kenai, Kenaitze & Siberian Yup’ik
Sandra Kowalski of Kotzebue/Fairbanks, Iñupiaq
Sandy Shroyer-Beaver, Mayor of Kotzebue, Iñupiaq
Scotty Barr of Kotzebue, Iñupiaq
Sean Rice of Fairbanks, Iñupiaq/Puerto Rican
Shawn Hakala-Shearer of Sand Point/Anchorage        
Shyann Beatty of Eagle, Han Gwich’in
Sophie Minich of Seward, Athabascan 
Stacey Lucason of Anchorage/Ninilchik, Yup’ik
Suezanne Keller-Coffey of Eagle River
Sven Haakanson, Jr. of Old Harbor, Alutiiq
Tanya Kaquatosh of Hughes/Fairbanks, Athabascan 
Thomas Alstrom of Alakanuk, Yup’ik
Tristan Douville of Craig, Tlingit
Vanessa Norman of Port Graham, Alutiiq
Verne Cleveland of Noorvik, Iñupiaq
Walter Sampson of Kotzebue, Iñupiaq
What Alaska Native Leaders Say About Lisa: 

“I am proudly in support of Senator Lisa Murkowski as she continues to be a strong voice and advocate for our people. Her commitment to Alaska Natives and rural communities has been proven through her continued efforts to advance the economic, social, and cultural well-being of Alaska Natives. Cultural and traditional language preservation, health services, energy, education, food security, rural development — these are just some of the areas Senator Murkowski works hard to advance and protect on behalf of Alaska Native people and why I’ve made the decision to support her. Her ability to work across lines for the betterment of all Alaskans is something we all benefit from,” said Richard “Chalyee Éesh” Peterson, Kasaan, Tlingit.

“Lisa listens and looks for solutions! Lisa gets the job done!” said Agnes Denny, Chistochina, Ahtna Athabascan.

“Alaska supports Senator Murkowski because she’s willing to do the right thing and she’s very effective at her job,” said Joe Nelson of Yakutat and Juneau.  

“I will vote for Lisa this November. Alaska has always been first and foremost for Lisa as a Senator for Alaska!” said Fred John of Mentasta Lake. 
“I support Lisa because she supports the Longshoremen Union. I have supported her over the years and when she ran as a write-in, I went door to door for days here in Ketchikan and Saxman. She sealed the deal further for my family’s support when she took the time to meet with the longshoremen of Ketchikan, ILWU Unit #62, my husband’s place of employment,” said Irene Dundas of Ketchikan.
“Lisa is an amazing leader for Alaska. Her understanding of how Alaska is vital to the world economy, a key to northern commerce, and value in Alaska’s culture is second to none!” said Jon Panamaroff of Kenai.
“I am not a Republican, but I’m voting for Lisa because she is experienced and trusted by Alaskans all over the state, regardless of political party. We cannot risk having a senator whose main goal will be maintaining party lines at the expense of Alaskan values,” said Crystal Dushkin of Atka. 

“Lisa is brave. She fights for Alaska every day. We need a Senator who will stand up to the opposing party and her own when it is right for Alaska. Lisa has always done that and she has my vote because of it,” said Aaron Schutt of Tok and Anchorage. 

“Thanks, Senator Murkowski, for always supporting our communities, listening to our concerns and doing what’s right for our state,” said Liza Mack of King Cove.

“Lisa puts Alaska first! She is working hard for not only our state, but also for our First Nation peoples. She listens to our concerns and is a proud Alaskan,” said Denise Rankin of Unalaska. 

“Lisa consistently shows up time and time again for Alaskans at the Capitol. She cares deeply about Indigenous communities that have been disregarded for far too long. I support Lisa because she supports Alaskans,” said Faith Itta of Palmer. 

“As an Alaska Native and leader in the Native community I appreciate and value Lisa’s hard work on issues that affect our people. Her tireless efforts on critical healthcare, energy infrastructure and military cleanup in our region have been invaluable. Her seniority in the Senate and ability to reach across the aisle to craft solutions for Alaskans is effective and rare. She has my full support,” said Skoey Vergen of Anchorage.

“Like most Alaskans, I am nonpartisan. And like 1 in 5 Alaskans, I am Alaska Native. I don’t align with Lisa Murkowski on all issues, but on many important ones, I do. I respect her for her willingness to dialogue with all sides and to truly listen to Alaskans with a humility that is important in an elected official. I admire how she stands up to challenges to our democratic institutions and women’s access to healthcare. She knows what a changing climate means for Alaska and has championed climate tech innovations and clean energy. I respect Lisa Murkowski’s commitment to our state and Alaskans’ values,” said Penny Gage of Sitka.

“Lisa Murkowski is a hard-working senator. She goes above and beyond to get the best results for Alaska,” said Thomas Alstom, Mayor of Alakanuk. 

“I fully support Lisa. She has supported the VAWA and the empowerment of our Tribes to begin to enforce laws and prosecute criminals in our communities. We have many issues to work on. Quyana,” said Michael Williams, Tribal Chief in Akiak. 

“Lisa has done so much for Alaska, and nobody works harder, or knows the state better than her,” said Kathy Mayo of Fairbanks.