Northwest Arctic Leaders Endorse Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate

Northwest Arctic Leaders Endorse Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate

ANCHORAGE, AK –  Today, a coalition of Alaskans from across the Northwest Arctic region of the state shared their support for Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-Alaska) re-election.

From enhancing public safety in villages through her leadership on the Violence Against Women Act, improving rural infrastructure through her work on the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, to increasing access to high-quality and fast internet by securing funds for broadband deployment–Lisa Murkowski delivers for rural Alaskan communities. 

“When I think about why I am in support of Lisa Murkowski, all you have to do is look around our communities in the Northwest Arctic to see the direct impact of Lisa’s efforts, an example is with our improved internet connectivity. There is no question that I support Lisa. I consider her a friend and I had the privilege of serving with her in the legislature. She works tirelessly for us. She has become our generation’s version of ‘Ted Stevens’ in some ways. We cannot afford to take it for granted that Lisa is going to win. We have to exercise our right to vote. There is no doubt that if our people vote, Lisa will win,” said Fmr. State Representative and Fmr. Borough Mayor Reggie Joule of Kotzebue.

“Senator Murkowski has demonstrated she is not afraid to stand up for Alaskans and the unique needs of our state. As our senior Senator representing Alaska, she has a powerful voice in shaping the path for our State and country’s future. As a tribal leader, I thank her for recognizing the importance of our traditional lands, the importance of protecting subsistence rights, and her support of mineral development that provides jobs and educational opportunities in our rural areas. I support Senator Murkowski for Senate,” said Ely Cyrus of Kiana.

“Alaska is ground zero for our rapidly changing climate. Nearly three dozen Alaska communities are currently under imminent threat of flooding and coastal erosion. Senator Lisa Murkowski’s leadership has brought meaningful investments to Alaska to address these critical issues. Additionally, her work on the bipartisan Infrastructure Act will work to improve the future of our families. Thank you Senator Murkowski!” said Percy Ballot of Buckland.

“Lisa cares for all Alaskans and that is how our leaders should be. She cares enough to come to our small communities to see for herself & educate herself about how we live. Her willingness to work with all people is important for us now, but most importantly for the future generation. There will always be disagreements, but that’s democracy. We come together at the end with a solution,” said Miles Cleveland Sr. of Ambler.

“To be an effective US Senator for Alaska, you need the capacity, depth of knowledge and experience to grasp the complexity of the political and socio economic landscape of this state… Lisa has an incredible gift for considering all sides of an issue before arriving at decisions that impact Alaskans. I trust and respect Lisa and she is what I want representing her children’s interests in Congress,” Greta Schuerch of Kiana.

“I’m proud to have a Senator like Lisa Murkowski who is not afraid to cross the aisle to work with both parties. She has proven that she is fair, representative, and that she will do what is best for all Alaskans,” said Nicole Stoops of Kotzebue/Anchorage.

“Senator Murkowski has been a tireless advocate for Alaska, representing us fairly and equally. She is a leader in the Senate who makes decisions based on what is best for Alaska,” said Kally Greene of Kotzebue/Anchorage.

“I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Senator Lisa Murkowski when she first began to Serve in Washington DC and I was representing the Alaska Inter-Tribal Council, I continued to work with her over the years when I was President/CEO of Maniilaq Association. Lisa makes time to not only listen to her constituents but to engage with them and she has always had a knowledgeable and helpful staff. My Vote is for Senator Lisa Murkowski!” said Ian Erlich of Kotzebue/Anchorage. 

“I am honored to support Senator Lisa Murkowski. She has proven her support over the past 20 years for the issues important to the people here in Northwest Alaska and beyond. We appreciate her deep understanding of the well-being of our people–those happen with investments in our health care systems, programs for Elders and veterans, critical infrastructure in our villages: housing, air and road transportation, quality and accessible communications systems, lowered costs of energy and living expenses, subsistence protections, and addressing climate change issues. Please join me in casting your vote on November 8 for Senator Lisa Murkowski who is looking out for our best interests. Thank you, Senator Murkowski,” said Gia Hanna of Kotzebue.

“Lisa Murkowski is a strong voice for Alaskans. She has a track record of working alongside us to develop creative solutions for the complex issues we face in the Arctic,” said Elizabeth Niiqsik Ferguson of Kotzebue. 

“Alaska needs the level of senior leadership Lisa Murkowski has in the US Senate. She understands the issues we face and creates solutions and opportunities that positively impact Alaska families and communities,” said Johnetta Horner of Kobuk. 

“Senator Murkowski always does what is right for people in the state, despite backlash or criticism from the far right. She is a free thinker and a strong woman,” said Penny Schaeffer of Kotzebue.

“Senator Murkowski has brought billions of dollars into our state to create jobs, to build better infrastructure, to increase public safety and to create an overall better Alaska. We need her representing us in Washington DC,” said Verne Cleveland of Noorvik.

“I absolutely support Lisa Murkowski’s reelection to the U.S. Senate. Senator Murkowski was a co-lead on the Violence against Women Act Reauthorization Act of 2022. This act plays a critical role in the Missing, Murdered Indigenous Girls and Women movement. Senator Murkowski has proven that she will take a stand for our Alaskan women and girls. She also introduced the Not Invisible Act And Savannah’s Act which were both aimed at addressing this crisis we are facing in Alaska. Because of this legislation getting passed, there are steps being taken to improve public safety responses and an advisory committee on violent crime is being created,” said Scotty Barr of Kotzebue.

“Lisa Murkowski’s seniority in Washington DC is proof that she is a strong leader who does an excellent job representing Alaska’s unique needs. She was key in getting the infrastructure bill written and passed, which is going to benefit Alaskans for generations to come,” said Sandy Shroyer-Beaver of Kotzebue.

“I support Lisa Murkowski. She works hard for our people and has strong leadership skills in the Senate,” said Lizzie Reich Davis of Kotzebue/Kenai.

“Lisa Murkowski has a strong track record of creating opportunities for ALL Alaskans. She ensures that rural Alaska is as equally represented as urban Alaska in all of her work and I support her re-election,” said Alice Adams of Noatak.

More Notable Endorsements Include:

Fmr. State Representative John Lincoln, Kotzebue

Saagulik Liz Hensley, Anchorage/Kotzebue

Kimberly Jorgensen, Kotzebue

Reid Magdanz, Kotzebue

Tim Schuerch, Kiana 

Liz Qaulluq Cravalho, Kotzebue

Andrew Tickett, Shungnak

Crystal Johnson, Kiana

Tanya Ballot, Selawik