Southeast Alaska Leaders Endorse Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate

Coalition of Local and State Elected Officials, Community Leaders, Business Leaders, Fishermen, and more endorse Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate

Today, a broad coalition of supporters from across Southeast Alaska voiced their emphatic support for Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-Alaska) re-election. In making their endorsements, these Alaskans noted Murkowski’s effective leadership and focus on representing Alaska, Always. 

“I am grateful for the leadership of Senator Murkowski, and deeply appreciate her respect for Alaska’s First People, her commitment to always vote her conscience, and her willingness to listen. Lisa’s history of decision-making reflects Alaska. Our voters are predominately non-partisan and I’m thankful for a leader who reflects that majority in her policy. The coronavirus relief bill and the infrastructure package she shepherded into law are recent examples of the big wins she has consistently delivered for Alaskans. Alaska needs Lisa Murkowski in the U.S. Senate,” said Barbara Blake of Juneau. 

“Senator Murkowski is now Alaska’s most experienced representative in Washington. She has leveraged her decades of knowledge and relationships to push for what’s best for Alaskans. Senator Murkowski brought cruise ships back to Hoonah, which got our tourism industry back up and running. I was at the first ship that came in, and saw employees happy, smiling, ecstatic to be back at work. At this time of transition for the state, we need experience and understanding of Alaska. We need Lisa Murkowski in the U.S. Senate,” said Mayor Gerald Byers of Hoonah. 

“Senator Murkowski is very responsive to rural village concerns for communities like Pelican. She and her team are familiar with our challenges, and not only takes those concerns seriously, but addresses them in legislation. We need Lisa Murkowski in the U.S. Senate,” said Mayor Patricia Phillips of Pelican.

“We are grateful for Senator Murkowski’s leadership and willingness to work with anyone, regardless of affiliation, in order to secure funding for rural communities throughout Alaska. The bipartisan infrastructure package will provide once-in-a-generation, life-changing resources for rural communities. We need Lisa as the senior member of our delegation,” said Mayor Lloyd Davis of Kake. 

“Lisa has never forgotten her small town Alaskan roots. Her advocacy for rural issues has been unwavering. There is no greater champion of our resource based Alaskan economy,” said Mayor Stephen Prysunka of Wrangell. 

“Senator Murkowski has been unwavering in her tenure as a U.S. Senator for Alaska with her compass being set by the U.S. Constitution. She has been a highly effective legislator acting in the best interests of all Alaskans and our democracy. I’m 100% In support of her re-election to the U.S. Senate!” said Alaska State Representative Dan Ortiz. 

“While I’m worried about the future of our country, it’s leaders like Lisa Murkowski who give me hope. I agree with Lisa on some issues and disagree with her on others, but most of all I respect Lisa Murkowski’s integrity. I support Lisa for U.S. Senate because, as a practical matter, she can beat Kelly Tshibaka, and no other candidate can. But above all else I support Lisa because, when the chips are down, she will put Alaska and our country over party and will support the rule of law when it matters most. Alaska — and the United States — needs that kind of person in the halls of Congress especially at this moment in history,” said Alaska State Representative Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins. 

“Lisa listens—really listens—to a diverse group of people with a range of opinions to get the job done. That’s what I admire about Lisa. She works with anyone and is willing to work across the aisle—even at political detriment to herself—to get the job done for Alaska. Alaskans need her in the U.S. Senate,” said Beth Weldon of Juneau. 

“Lisa is a principled lawmaker who stands for Alaskan values and delivers the funding we need to grow and prosper. Unfortunately, in Washington, facts and principles matter less and less with each passing day. But Lisa stays grounded in the truth and unwavering in her commitment to our country and our state. We need leaders with Alaskan values and the character and determination to stand by them. We need to re-elect Lisa Murkowski,” said Jeffrey Troutt of Juneau. 

“As a lifelong Alaskan and Republican, I am supporting Lisa because she is fighting hard for the needs of Alaska. She has produced proven results that directly benefit all Alaskans. We need Lisa working on our behalf!” said Tiffany Cook of Ketchikan. 

Notable Endorsements from more Community Leaders:

Portland Highbaugh, Juneau
Ephraim Froehlich, Juneau
Beth Kerttula, Juneau
Julie Decker, Wrangell
Elsa Froehlich, Juneau
Keith Perkins, Sitka
Elias Erickson, Sitka
Tiffany Cook, Ketchikan
Paul Axelson, Ketchikan
Tristan Douville, Craig
Jon Bolling, Craig
Angela Rodell, Juneau
Jenny Gore Dwyer, Ketchikan
Tracy Welch, Petersburg
Julianne Curry, Petersburg 
David Deal, Ketchikan