Tshibaka Flounders, Cancels On Fisheries Debate in Kodiak

After Publicly Calling for More Debates, Kelly Tshibaka Drops Out of Fish Debate
ANCHORAGE, AK – Today, relative Alaska newcomer and U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka dropped out of a fisheries debate hosted by the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce. By canceling on Alaskans, Kelly joins a growing national trend to hide from voters by refusing to debate opponents.

“Kelly Tshibaka’s decision to be a no-show at the fisheries debate is as baffling as it is insulting to Alaskans, particularly because she demanded more debates just weeks ago, stating ‘it’s the responsibility of all candidates to show up.’ It’s clear that Kelly didn’t want to be on the hook to answer questions about the numerous fishing laws she’s broken since moving to Alaska just 3 years ago,” said campaign spokesperson Shea Siegert. “If Kelly can’t show up for debates, Alaskans can’t trust her to show up for us when it matters most.”

The Kodiak fisheries debate has been a staple in Alaska politics for more than 30 years. Consultants and candidates from the lower 48 have routinely undervalued and underestimated fisheries as a cornerstone of our state’s economy and workforce, and Kelly’s refusal to address these critical issues is no different. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and her Democrat challenger, Pat Chesbro, will be in attendance.

The seafood industry is the largest private sector industry employer in Alaska and produces significant economic benefits for Alaska communities, businesses and thousands of Alaskans.