Wrangell Sentinel Endorses Lisa Murkowski’s Re-election

ANCHORAGE, AK – Last week, the editorial board of the Wrangell Sentinel endorsed Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-Alaska) re-election.

The Wrangell Sentinel’s endorsement titled – Murkowski best choice to represent Alaska in Senate – noted Murkowski’s dedicated service to Alaska–and expressed gratitude for her principled leadership. The Wrangell Sentinel wrote, “In her committee work and public comments, Murkowski has shown that she studies the issues, reads the background papers, talks with her colleagues and people on both sides of the debate before deciding how to vote. She learns before she talks, an increasing rarity in U.S. politics these days. She agonizes over the close calls and cares about the right answer, not the social media posting. She believes in principles, fairness, and the facts… Sen. Murkowski should stay on the job and deserves your vote.” 

Read the Wrangell Sentinel’s full endorsement of Lisa Murkowski here
To date, Lisa has been endorsed by
The Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN)
Anchorage Daily News
Alaska Professional Fire Fighters Association
Alaska AFL-CIO
Alaska Teamsters Local 959
Carpenters Union Local 1281
Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific, Alaska (IBU)
International Longshore & Warehouse Union – Alaska
Laborers Local 341
Laborers Local 942
National Education Association
United Fishermen of Alaska
United States Chamber of Commerce
Ahtna, Inc.
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
Alaska Native Village Corporation Association
ANCSA Regional Association
Bering Straits Native Corporation
Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Calista Corporation
Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska
Chugach Corporation
Cook Inlet Regional Corporation, Inc. (CIRI)
Old Harbor Native Corporation
Clearpath Action Fund
AIPAC PAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)
Pro-Israel American
American Conservation Coalition Action
Log Cabin Republicans